Can’t Miss Spots in Yosemite Valley

Over the last year and a half I’ve visited Yosemite six times. It wasn’t until the pandemic that I was forced to put a halt to my travel business and start exploring the nearby areas I’ve neglected for too long. Needless to say from the first time I stepped foot in Yosemite, I was hooked.Continue reading “Can’t Miss Spots in Yosemite Valley”

Can’t Miss Spots in Yosemite National Park

So many people travel to Yosemite and only see the highlight reel of tourist attractions down in the valley. And while these spots are undoubtedly gorgeous and not to be missed, there’s so much more to Yosemite than what can be seen from the valley road. Whether you only have a couple days, or youContinue reading “Can’t Miss Spots in Yosemite National Park”

Can’t Miss Spots in Joshua Tree

I never thought I was much of a desert person. I spent my leisure time in the mountains or on beaches and had no plans to explore the many nearby desert areas. That all changed when I needed a place to stop and rest for a night on my way home from the Grand CanyonContinue reading “Can’t Miss Spots in Joshua Tree”

Can’t Miss Spots in Death Valley National Park

I’ve lived a few hours away from Death Valley for most of my life, but somehow never considered it a place I had to visit. That changed in 2020 when we were all forced to look much closer to home if we wanted to travel at all. For the last year I’ve made my wayContinue reading “Can’t Miss Spots in Death Valley National Park”